A company focused on bringing innovative and encompassing solutions to the consumer shopping experience. Founded in 2000, PRODUCTLINK is a marketing, design and creative content development company.

Our mission is to create the most exciting, informative and functional displays that provide long-lasting, cost-effective, sales increasing, unparalleled shopper experiences.

With decades of experience in sales, merchandising and relationships with retailers and vendors, PRODUCTLINK is able to create the most exciting, informative, functional, cost-saving and long-lasting displays.  By providing a truly end-to-end service – including design, content creation, installation, maintenance and back-end support – PRODUCTLINK displays bring forth the best possible story to educate consumers for the benefit of vendors and retailers alike.

Robust Shopping Experience

eZee™ Slider Display

Cover an entire category
Slides along the shelves of an entire aisle

Custom product content
Turns browsers into buyers

Easy to use, fun & engaging
Brings the fact tag and products to life

Learn & compare
On-display content able to compare between products

Ask for assistance
On-display request for sales associate

Connect with
On-display connection with live

eZee™ Slider Unplugged

Safely remove from display
Tablet detaches for mobile use

Connects sales associates & shoppers
Portable display provides powerful selling tool

Live demonstrations
Creates engaging and meaningful interactions

Extended coverage
Associates can cover multiple categories with one device

Useful teaching & learning tool
Rich embedded content can educate associates on products

Increase sales with
Associates can access more products live

Use your own device

Display on shopper’s phone
Shoppers can use their own smart devices while they shop

Products come alive
Printed materials make products come alive

Exciting & Interactive
Taking the shopping experience to the next level

Close the Sale
Assist shoppers with buying decisions when an associate is unavailable

Integrated with your own app
Custom content runs seamlessly from within your shopping app

Take home the experience
Shoppers can re-visit content on their own time

PRODUCTLINK is also on the cutting-edge of new display technology: building custom content and hardware that brings a new dimension to the shopping experience.  Combining augmented reality and inspiring display designs, we are constantly looking to enhance interactions, assist with purchasing decisions, and leave shoppers with a sense of excitement and satisfaction.

eZee Slider Display

powered by

Content delivery and interactions powered by; Spark Compass Platform by Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. Tested and proven enterprise content platform that can integrate with existing mobile platforms and enterprise CRM & CMS.

Validated. Award winning, approved and endorsed by Qualcomm, US Presidential Fellows, Atos and Samsung

Secure. Approved for installation at international airports by FAA, TSA and US Department of Transportation

Proven. Installations across convention centers, universities, hospitals and several other locations